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This is a fantastic opportunity to gain intensive one-on-one business assistance. This new program, funded by the Central Corridor Funders Collaborative’s Catalyst Fund, is available to any DBE working on the Central Corridor.

The scope of work and assistance provided will be individually tailored to each company, its owner(s) and specific to the situation at hand. We know that the complexities of the construction industry demand a more intensive delivery to focus on the individual needs of each owner.

Areas that may be addressed include:

Contracting for Success will include:

  • Technical assistance to up to twenty DBEs to create the best environment for success, providing assistance where needed to prevent or remove obstacles to performance

  • Indepth one-on-one business consulting

  • Development of an annual work plan with measureable business improvements

  • Introductions to business networks and prime contractors as new projects are identified

  • Business financing options

  • Assistance developing and maintaining ongoing strategic business relationships

  • Access to mentors, business partnerships and other business development resources




Funded By

With Contracting for Success, you will receive a full
complement of business development services, to improve operations and strengthen abilities and effectively compete and perform on contracts.

These services are provided by credentialed, results-oriented professionals with many years of involvement in government and construction projects.

With the Central Corridor serving as a platform, these services will help you build a sustainable business and gain connection to a host of future projects.

As the CCLRT comes to an end, you will emerge a better managed, financially stronger business, positioned for long term success. Your company will be a role model for others and a great competitive qualified bidder on future projects.